Which is Better - 12win vs onlineslotqq101?

Which is Better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101?

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Some of the gamblers always looking for the game website that has high quality of game features and also a great promotions and bonuses. Everyone asking that Which is Better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101? Players will not be able to choose on what is really better, but don’t worry we have a solution to that. We have provide you information to that two website.

Which is Better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101?

Which is Better - 12win vs onlineslotqq101?
Which is Better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101?

12 Win Casino

As we promise in many beloved players, here are some information that you can use in choosing your preferred online slot games. Let’s start first in 12 win casino. In this website they have only 6 exciting games casino games including: 12 win casino, Lucky place casino, SCR888 casino, Newtown casino, Crown casino, Sky99 casino. In that kind of casino games that they have, some of the gamblers or players did not want to play in that kind of website because they think that they will just wasting their time. And aside from that, their promotions and bonus is not really that exciting. This website’s bonus is 6% only.


In this website, you must know the similarities and differences of that two exciting Slot Malaysia website. In onlineslotqq101, there are a lot of variety of games and great promotions for everyone who wants to play their favorite betting games. Their exciting promotions and game features can satisfy the player’s needs regarding in the slot games. This are the promotions that players must get when they join and register in this website.

Promotions Offered in Onlineslotqq101

  • Free VIP Level for Loyal Members- This promo applied to Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum members of the website. The members need to deposit and have a valid bet at least once a month.
  • E-month Special Promo- This promo is available to the players with MYR currencies. This promotion will be directly credited when a member transfer the cash to its provider and choose promotions.
  • Lucky Draw Reward Point- The jackpot prize will increase each day until the raffle time. This promo is apply for all the members who has MYR currencies. The total amount points will be process and it becomes lucky draw ticket.
  • Extra Bonus 200%- This promo is cannot be combined with any other promotions. Bonus and the winnings cannot be claimed if there is any mistake from the member’s data or IP address.
  • Special Extra Bonus 200%- Same as extra bonus, this promotion also available in all players with MYR currency. This promo is not available in non-slot games. No weekly rebate given during this promotions.
  • Welcome Cashbacks 100%- This promo applied to newly registered members with MYR currency. No weekly rebate given during this promotions.
  • Welcome Bonus 10%- It is also applied to all members with MYR currency. Withdraw and transfer can only be done if the player reached the requirements of turnover.

With that kind of exciting promotions, the players will be more interested to play in that kind of betting website. It gives more chances of winnings and profit. So now, if you are a player that looking for the right and satisfying website that will give you more exciting games what are you going to choose? Choose the perfect casino that you want and play for your happiness!

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