Strategy Used in Playing Spade Games at the Casino

Strategy Used in Playing Spade Games at the Casino

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Strategy used in playing spade games at the casino is a trick-taking card game that is being played by many people at the gambling site for purpose of making profit and getting entertained. The game is proved to have been popular to most of the gambling people of all ages around the world. For players to play the game the most important thing is to know the rules and the strategy used in the game play of the game.

Strategy Used in Playing Spade Games at the Casino

This is the basic strategy of the game and offers the core skills required to play the game. The counting strategy should be familiar to any player who have played the game before. The strategy can be best applied in the game if the there is enough time of playing the game at casino in order to recognize the hands in the game.

Strategy Used in Playing Spade Games at the Casino
Strategy Used in Playing Spade Games at the Casino


This is the strategy of bidding in the spade game; the strategy will normally work to produce results which in most cases are supposed to be fairly according to the knowledge of the game. This strategy will involve looking at the hands of the player in a vacuum and be able in the determining how strength the hand is. Under counting strategy the honours will have to give a bid of 4. Counting of queens in this game is however not necessary as it is not a good idea. Presence of 1 or 2 cards in the same would mean that queen would be overtaken.


During playing of spade game, spades is one of the suits that are more powerful than any other suit. When the spades are involved in the playing of the game trick then the suit with the highest rank of the spade will win the game. This implies that only a lowly deuce will have to take out someone’s ace which is not a spade. In most cases the hand of the players might not have honours but they will be more enough trumps to warrant a bid in the game.

Suit length

Players are recommended to analyze their cards as this will help them make bids more correctly in the game. This strategy will also work in some situations to keep the players set in the game and thus ready for the game. The length in a suit will also increase the chances of a person who is in short hand to match correctly in that given suit. This strategy can lead the player to start not valuing his or her honour cards. When the player has a king card K, A in the same suit will always use to get 2 tricks and if the player has 2, 3, 6, 10, A in the same suit would earn only one trick prior to the playing of trump in the game. According to the thumb rule it is advised not to bid K if at all there is 5 or even more in the same suit. In this case the player would be required to bid aces to increase the chances of winning the game. Apart from this reasoning also the players can increase their chances of winning the game by staying for a long time in the game


This is the only bid of the game in which all of the books of the game are devoted to it. Players who select this bid have the intention of either making or breaking the winners. The main goal of the game is to decide not to take any trick in the game. By deciding to use this strategy, one can be rewarded by a nice score in the game. Nil bids are usually successful if the player has no honour cards.

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