How to Read Odds on a Soccer Betting Online Website?

How to Read Odds on a Soccer Betting Online Website?

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In sports betting game, including soccer, you should be able to read and understand the odds. Moreover, you have to calculate the chance winning of different bet, especially when the odds change while unfolding the events. Odds will give you a clue about an occurred event and how much you will get if you win. However, how to read odds on a soccer betting online website? Let’s discuss it together.

How to Read Odds on a Soccer Betting Online Website?

How to Read Odds on a Soccer Betting Online Website?
How to Read Odds on a Soccer Betting Online Website?

Understanding Odds

As mentioned before, understanding odds is necessary because it relates with the chance of winning the game. Here are some ways to understand odds.

  1. Knowing that odds tell you the likelihood of an outcome

Odds represent the soccer team which has the highest chance of winning the game. There are various ways of writing odds and all of them indicate how the outcome will be compared to other. However, because situations can change, the odds will change as well.

  1. Read sporting odds as the like hood that one team will win

The use of odds is commonly found when you place a bet in sports game either online or offline. In soccer betting online, betting sportsbook uses historical data and also team statistic in aim to predict who has the bigger chance to win the game.

  1. Lower Odds Return Higher Profit

If you place a bet on the underdog, it will be riskier rather than placing bet on the favorite team. However, higher risk means that you have high chance of getting reward. The longer the odds, the more money you can earn.

Reading Money line Odds

Odds are divided into several types, one of them is money line odds. In soccer betting, money line odd does exist. So, these are some ways on how to read money line odds.

  1. Knowing that money line bets only concern what team will win the game

Odd is presented as negative or positive number next to a team’s name. The negative number shows that the team is the favorite team while the positive number shows that the team is underdog.

  1. Positive odds show the profit you earn per $100 spent

In this case, you will get your money bet back. For example, if you place your bet in amount $100 on Chelsea who is valued at +135 then you will get $235 if Chelsea wins the game.

  1. Negative odds show the money that you should use to make $100

If you choose to place your bet to favorite team, you will have less risk which means less-earning. Money line is how much money you spend to get $100 profit if you bet on favorite team.

Reading Over/Under Odds

The other type of odd is over/under odds. Over/under odds are different with money line odds so that the way to read the odd is also different.

  1. Placing the over or under odds on the combination of both teams’ score and it is easier to place

In soccer betting game, you need to set the over or under then simply choose whether the score is going to be lower or higher. Over or under bets have less risky but complicated compared to other betting forms.

  1. Most payout for over/under bets are even, meaning if you wager $100 you win $100 profit.

Reading and understanding the odds are important in sports game. You can know the possibility of winning the bet if you able to understand the odd. By knowing how to read odds on a soccer betting online website, you may be able to win the game.

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