What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line?

What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line?

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If you are new to the online sports betting business, you may wonder, What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line? Knowing the meaning of soccer betting line is significant to this business. If you don’t, well, you are just wasting our effort. Here are several things about soccer betting lines that you should know.

What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line?

What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line?
What is the Meaning of Soccer Betting Line?

What is Soccer Betting Line?

A betting line refers to the way or method for placing a wager on the favored team. You will also know how much it is favored against its opponent. Thus, soccer betting line means the way you place a wager on a certain team in a soccer match. Okay, now you have known what betting line is. Is that enough?

No. That’s definitely not enough to win the next wager, isn’t it? There are several betting lines that you can use whenever you want to try your luck in online sports betting. There are money line, point spreads, and totals. Do you get confused again? We’ll explain them one by one.

Money Line

If you use the money line, you must be aware of its variants. You can use the three-way money line or the two-way money line. These variants depended on the desired outcomes.

Let’s begin with the three-way money line. This method acknowledges three results of the match. For example, Team A wins, draw, and Team B wins. Note that in this method, the result is based on the regular time—only 90 minutes without the extra time. Since it has three possible outcomes, this method is a bit riskier than its counterpart.

The two-way money line is a bit safer because it only has two possible results. The draw possibility is eliminated. Thus, it will affect the actual odds. The favorite team’s odd will be inflated and the underdog’s one will be deflated. If a draw occurs, you can sigh in relief because your bet will be refunded.

Point Spreads

This method is also called betting goal lines or handicap. This method is quite similar to the two-way money line. Punters are allowed to place multiple wagers on various outcomes. To make a clear line, bookmakers often use a decimal. Hence, it can be 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.

For instance, we have a match between Brazil and Portugal. The points spreads are Brazil (-1.5) and Portugal (+2.5). It shows that Brazil is the favorite. If you back Brazil to win, the team must win by scoring at least two goals or more. Yet, if you favor Portugal, the team must either win, draw or lose by only one goal.


Like any other sport which depends on goals or scores, you place a bet on whether the totals will be over or under the number stated by the bookies. Yet, the totals bet works a bit differently in soccer due to the few scores a match may produce.

Thus, a bookie may set a decimal which will divide your bet. For instance, the bookie set the totals would be 1.25. If you place a bet over 1.25, your bet would be divided into two. The first half will be Over 1 and the other will be Over 1.5. If the result is one goal, you lose a half of your bet (over 1.5). If the totals are two goals, you win both wagers.

Now, it’s enough. You have known the meaning of soccer betting line. You also have understood how to apply the knowledge in a real soccer match. Remember to notice the odds and information provided by the bookies, then you can be a winner! If others ask you, “What is the meaning of soccer betting line?” you know how to explain it.

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