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Horse Betting Guides for the New Players

Horse Betting Guides for the New Players

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Gambling industry is becoming popular each and every day thus attracting new players to join casino sites to bet for their favourite games. Horse racing is one of the popular games available at the casinos to play for gambling and make profit. The game is one of the earliest games in the history of the man but it has really not lost its popularity in the gaming industry just because of its satisfaction it offers to the players who play it at the casinos. Before you start here are some horse betting guides for the new players.

Horse Betting Guides for the New Players

The game has a lot of fun and we all know most of people do like games that are full of fun. It is clear that the players should know some of the strategies that are used in the game play before they visit the casinos to play the game for real money. The players should also be aware of the basic rules and the types of the rules used in the game before tempting to play for real money.

Horse Betting Guides for the New Players
Horse Betting Guides for the New Players

Types of horse race

There are two types of horse races;

Flat racing; this is simple racing type where the race starts either in a straight line or curved track, then in the end the winner will be first to crosses the post.

National racing; this type of the race is the one that is a little bit complicated in that there are introduction of obstacles on the way which is used by the horses and thus making the racing a little bit hard for the horses involved. This race is further divided into two steeplechase and hurdles. The difference in these two is that the horses competing in the steeplechase are required to jump higher obstacles on the track than that of hurdles

Horse race betting

Betting on horse racing is something that actually brings excitement among the bettors in the world of the gambling industry.  There are many types of betting in horse racing

Straight wagers

Under straight wager a player is supposed to only bet on one horse. Straight wagers have the following types of bets;

  1. Win; here the players will be making the prediction that the horse will win the race hence the horse should come in the race as number one. If the player’s horse finishes in the position then the player will have to collect the prize that is being presented in the game.
  2. Place; a player gambling with a place bet will usually implying that the horse will be coming in as first or second. If it happens that the horse being bet on finishes as second or first then the player will have to be given a prize. The payments for this bet are smaller than that of win bet.
  3. Show; under this bet the player will be betting that the horse will have to finish the race in the positions either first, second or third. The amount of the prize being paid in this kind of bets is much smaller than that of place and win bets
  4. Across the board; under this the player will be betting that the horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins the race then the player will have to be awarded the prize for the win plus place and show, if finishes in the second position then the player will be awarded the prize for place and show. If the horse finishes the race in the third position the player will have only to be awarded the prize for show bet.

Exotic Wagers

Under this the players are permitted to place their bets on a multiple horses on a single. The kind of bet is much complicated compared to that of the straight wager.

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